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Shabooming along & PBJ!

Another fun night of rehearsal with ensemble -style sectionals and a debut of a new tune by Pure Nerves quartet. The theme was “Goth Night,” which made for a lot of folks in black and some heavy eyeliner. 😉

Enjoy the video snippets and pic below.

Group B working on blend.
Pure Nerves offered an ode to America’s favorite sandwich. 🙂
Doing our best to look like “Goths” — with a dash of Halloween spirit thrown in (photo courtesy of Suzanne).

Four on the Floor fun

Last week’s rehearsal was filled with fast-paced musical antics and opportunities to show off our chops in impromptu quartets as we worked on our songs of the moment. Share the fun in the clips below.

Harmony heaven!
Final chords are the best!

A Concert full of Christmas Vibes and Holiday Jives

After much hard work and immense amounts of help from family and friends, we put on our first holiday concert in three years! Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the show!

Very special thanks to 

Reverend Won-Seok Yuh and Harris United Methodist Church
for so generously allowing us use of their beautiful facility.

Jeff LeFebvre and his team for their much appreciated technical expertise and audio equipment support

Our very generous monetary donors for contributing to this hobby we love so much.
Your contributions go toward rehearsal space rental, director fees, new music, music education, and preparations for our 2024 regional contest.

Our friends and family, who help set up, staff tables, bake delicious things, and pitch in to accomplish the essential tasks that enable us to put on a show!

Whether you support us with your time, your spirit, or your funds, know that our gratitude knows no bounds.

Na Leo Lani in concert!
Ovah da Pali ensemble
Guest quartet Vocal Mixology!
Pure Nerves quartet didn’t have a photo op at our 12/18 concert. Here is a pic from another of their recent performances instead.

SAI blast from the past!

Recently featured in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s “Back in the Day” / Archive section was this photo from October 30, 1969 of the Air Fares of California, participating in the Sweet Adelines 23rd annual International Convention and Quartet Competition in Honolulu.

Do you recognize any of the women in this photo? If so, let us know!

The caption reads” The Air Fares from California are among 41 ladies’ barbershop quartets competing for the championship at the Sweet Adelines 23rd annual International Convention and Quartet Competition at the Honolulu International Center.”